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Bo Beck

Manager of the Store

This guy is armed with an abundance of knowledge to share to anyone who seeks. He has put in years upon years in the Outdoor Industry, time as an survival instructor in the Air Force, author of his own book and website to Zion, and helps with Zion National Park’s Search and Rescue team. Always eager to help equip customers with what they need for their adventures, seek this man out in the shop if you want tips or have time for entertaining stories.

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Jason Hurst

Owner and CDR "Chief Desert Rat"

This St George native grew up below the sandstone crags of Bluff Street, known then as "sandtown" spending much of his younger years exploring the wilderness that was literally his backyard. Peak bagging in the mountains of Wyoming and Utah during college at the University of Utah led him to climbing. Jason is a 20 year dedicated "blue collar" climber who loves sandstone splitters, good hikes in Zion Nat’l Park and dreams of climbing adventures all over the planet.

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Dave Cornaby

Assistant Manager to the Store

An avid adventurer in his own right. Dave has worked in the store since the beginning and has been a valuable source of knowledge and experience. From hiking, backpacking, and lightweight touring on his motorcycle, he is the man to talk to when it comes to ultra-light backpacking and gear. A true friend and excellent service, look for him when you’re in for any questions you may have.

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Kevin Arnone

Youngest male of the Rat Pack

He is always eager to learn the latest tech specs on newest gear and share his knowledge with others. Avid in rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, trail running, and whatever else that gets him outside to fuel his outdoor passions. Feel free to ask this gear-head any question you have when you’re in the shop.

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Cheri Bailey

Resident Hippie Chick

Every outdoor team needs a hippie that loves to get out there. Cheri has traveled across most of the United States, and backpacked/lived in far off India. From backpacking, to just getting outside she is a great source of information. Look for her fun loving smile in the shop and ask her any questions you may have.